How to create a business card that gets a 50% response rate

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How to make business cards that look different to everyone else

Hello my friends, today I’m gonna teach you how to make a business card that breaks through the rest.

So let’s just say you’ve launched a startup and now you want to get the word out, you want to market yourself. So you need business cards. You need to think about what is gonna make your cards look different to everyone else’s. What will make your business stand out? You might be thinking okay maybe I’m going to do the card in a different sort of paper. Maybe use letterpress as it’s better quality or maybe the card is embossed or uses gold-foil.

But this is skipping the most important thing. This is just the ‘what’ and what we really need to consider is the ‘why’.

‘Why’ are you making business cards? 

‘Why’ are you using a business card in the first place? What do you want to happen when you give that business card out to someone you next meet? Whether it’s at a conference or on the street or at a coffee shop. What’s the next step that you want that person to take?

What result do you want?

The key call to action that you want is for them to contact you. You want them to reach out to you, email you, call you. You want them to make contact. The thing is most people are not like us. They don’t carry around business cards. They’re not business people. So when you end up giving your card to someone most likely they will need to make that first step to contact you. So if that’s the case, then context is really important. Because if you are like me you probably get a lot of business cards from a lot of people. If you look at that same card a few months or even years later, you’ve have no idea who it was that actually gave you that card.

That becomes a massive problem because you lack the context. You don’t know where that person gave you that card. You can’t link the dots from the business card to the person behind it. Often that’s the case. Well maybe at least for me.

What if every single one of your business cards was unique?

But what if every single one of your business cards was personalised?

What if it was individual and unique to the person you give it to? How would that change the way that they receive the card and also how they remember you months, or even years later? Now I tried this strategy and I was blown away by the response.

An incredible 50% response rate

50% of people that I gave a card to actually emailed me after I’d given out the card! I think you’ll see why in the next couple of slides when I show you how this business card is different to 99% of cards on the market.

My wife and I took a nine month sabbatical traveling around the world and when we were doing that we had these cards made with both our names on them. We’d just meet people at random places, maybe on a group tour together and once we gave them the card:
1) they were blown away by it because there’s some secret sauce happening; and
2) they would often email us back the next day or within the next week.

Because it’s very easy for them to remember us and I think that’s what’s unique about this card.

The secret is in the card design

I won’t tease you any longer, let’s have a look.

So this is the front of the card.

To be honest it doesn’t really matter what you put there. The magic is happening on the back of a card. So it’s got a very simple design. This design is from Moo print. I’ve just got it was nice to meet you on the front because the cards I give out are to people I meet physically in person. I’ve got some details on the front including an email address, website, that sort of thing.

Now where it all happens is on the back of the card. I’m reusing a template from Moo that has an appointment layout.

Real world example

I’ll give you an example of how I use this card. We met someone at Tony Robbins Unleash The Power Within (UPW). What I did is fill the card in manually. I wrote that we met at Tony Robbins UPW in Sydney. I state the date we met. So I circled the day, I think it was probably a Saturday. I put the day, the month and even the time (it’s bit overboard but that’s the template). I also wrote the year (2018). It was very easy to do. I had his little green highlighter pen and I just marked-up the back of the card. I then handed it over to my new friend.

Within a couple of days she had emailed us back to say it was great to meet us, let’s keep in touch. We added each other on Facebook and we messaged after.

This card leaves a lasting impression

So it’s a really good strategy to customise your business card to every person you meet wherever you meet them. It just adds that personal touch. People seem to love it. Now the other thing is you might be thinking okay that sounds like a lot of work to get a graphic designer, to custom make this business card.

No no no!

Super-easy to create with a stock template

That’s not the case. This template is actually re-used. It’s one of the stock templates from Moo and like I said I took the appointment section at the back and re-purposed it. You can customise the text you write on that card. This makes it really quick and easy for you to get up and running with this design. You just change the text to suit you. I think I did it within about 15-20 minutes and bang it was done.

You can use any card printing company

You can use any kind of printing company. It really doesn’t matter. But the benefit of Moo is that they have this template ready to go. So all you need to do is tweak the text and let Moo print it for you. They have really good service and fast delivery. The cards are amazing.

Free download: instructions to create your breakthrough business card (1 page PDF cheatsheet)

So what I’ve done for you guys is I’ve put together PDF with some more detailed instructions on how to go through this process and make these exact cards.  I’ve actually made two (2) batches of this same card design. I’ve noticed that some colours pop a lot better. So I advise which colours to pick and which ones to avoid. If you’re going to go with this specific design and I just want to point out that now that I have mentioned Moo a few a few times but I am not affiliated with Moo. It doesn’t matter who you want to use and I do not benefit in anyway.

What I want to do is give you a PDF that outlines what you should look out for when you’re going through this process and creating your business cards. Because like I said, I’ve gone through this two times for two batches of cards. I’ve discovered a lot. What’s best in terms of card finish (gloss vs. matte), the best colours and even the best layout. So I’m happy to share what I have discovered with you. You can grab this PDF from here free:

Click here to download your free ‘instructions to create your breakthrough business card’ (PDF)

Let me know how you go when you meet people and give them your cards. I would love to hear about your response rate. Do you also get about 50% with one in every two people getting back to you with an email saying it was great to meet you?

The other thing is that you don’t know where this is going to lead. So you give out your business card and next thing you might have a job offer or if you’re an entrepreneur (which you probably are), you could have a potential client in the future. So just that interaction where they actually email you and you have a discussion back and forth is priceless.

It’s also really cheap because the cost of an individual business card is like in the cents. So yeah, go for it.

Thank you for watching and good luck! JB

Don’t miss out on your free 1-page PDF cheatsheet to create your breakthrough business card

Click here to download your free ‘instructions to create your breakthrough business card’ (PDF)


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