The easiest way to start any business in under 2 hours

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Video transcript

The easiest way to start your business in under 2 hours

Hello my friend, today you’re going to discover the easiest way to start your business and you’re gonna be able to do this in under two hours. This is for you if you’ve been stuck in research mode. Now, I went through this. I was in analysis paralysis. I kept on consuming podcasts, books, thinking I needed to learn more and more about business instead of just getting stuck in and publishing something. Instead of learning and iterating you know the Lean Startup approach. So if you find that you’ve been taking a lot of time (for me it took me days months even years to actually get started and push stuff out into the world), if that’s you and you want one really easy quick step that you can take today then this video is for you.

Stand out from your competition

Let’s start. So once you take this first step not only will it get you started with your business but it will also help you to get more inspired about the business that you’re creating. Let’s go right to it. If the webcam can pick this up. So the clue is not the cup but the logo. So what we want to do today is allow you to create a bespoke logo for your business and that will allow you to stand out from your competition. Because if you think about it most of the people that you compete with they just make a logo in paint, they put some text on a page. But with you with your business what we can do is we can help you get a designer to create it from scratch. A logo that really looks professional and puts you on another level.

An example

So as an example, I have my own company It’s my consultancy practice and it may be surprising for you to know but these three logos only cost me $30 US dollars in total. I was able to do this because I outsourced the whole task to a website called Fiverr. If I was to create this in Paint or Photoshop there’s no way given my ridiculously bad skills that I’d be able to have any thing as close to as good as this. So this was a good example of being able to trade money (not much money – $30 bucks) for time. You get more time back and also get a much better result.

The secret trick

The secret is don’t make it yourself unless you’re creatively inclined. But get a pro to design it for you. Now the reason why this works is because labor is super cheap there are so many websites these days. I mentioned fiverr, there’s others like upwork where you can get logos and other things designed super-cheaply. But there’s one thing to think about and that’s that you might not get it right the first time. So I did spend $30 on my logos and I was happy with the result but when you use websites like Fiverr and you’re using people from overseas I think go in with the expectation that maybe the first time the logo that you get back is not going to be something that you love. You might need to be able to do it a couple of times maybe two-three times over but if you’re only paying around $30 to get a logo design then you know if you budget for $100 that allows you to get three different designers to do multiple designs for you. So it’s a pretty good bet that you’re going to end up something that you really like.

It only takes 2 hours effort from start to finish (go from nothing to a logo you absolutely love)

Now the whole purpose of this video is for you to be able to get started today. Now what I would suggest for you is take an hour, that’s how long it takes me I’m a bit pedantic when it comes to details and getting a design that I really love. So I spent an hour looking at different designers portfolios and for me that was a really fun activity because I love looking at their work and picturing how my business logo could look in the future if they designed it. So I would budget up to an hour on looking at creative designers portfolios but then another hour that involves getting the actual work done by someone else. This includes working on the design brief and also reviewing what comes back from the designer and making iterations to their design. So in total two hours from start to finish, from nothing to having a logo that you hopefully absolutely love.

Avoid these costly mistakes

When it comes to designers I’ve wasted a lot of money and I’ve made a lot of mistakes. That’s come down to two things. 1) my design brief hasn’t been up to scratch and 2) when picking a designer from Fiverr and looking at their listing there’s been a few gotchas that I’ve missed. I’ve learned these mistakes the hard way. So what I’ve done is I’ve created a one-page cheat sheet where I document my learnings. It includes stuff like making sure that you get the copyright and that you own the copyright to the work that they create, otherwise they own the license rights to the logo that they’ve just created for your business. There’s other things like making sure the logo can scale so you want to be able to get the source file (the vector file) so that if you have a big project and you need to blow the logo up for a banner it’s not gonna look distorted. In addition to getting high resolution images I always try to get the source file. So it gives me the future proofing that whatever project I need in the future I’m going to be covered and can still use my logo.

[Free download] 1 page cheatsheet with all my best tips to help you create your logo for under $100

So I’ve bundled all of these different learnings and takeaways into a one-page cheat sheet. I’m happy to share this with you so hopefully you can avoid these mistakes that were costly in terms of wasted time and money. So if you’re interested in getting those tips in a one-pager, just click through on the link below.

Click here to download your free guide ‘How to get an incredible logo made for under $100’ (PDF)

Take the first step (you can do it!)

So that’s it for this video so in terms of your homework, spend that one hour just looking at designers creative portfolios and then get started. Reach out to some designers on a site like Fiverr Use the cheat sheet with the tips that will help you come up with your design brief and give your designer a bit of direction in terms of the style that you like and also what your company stands for. Then send it off to someone offshore and get started. Let’s get your business up and running. Take this first step. Like I said once you get that logo back, something that you absolutely love and you might not get it right with the first designer but say you do this with two or three designers you will get a logo that you absolutely love. Once you see it and it might be part of your desktop background or you might make your own merchandise like cups or t-shirts or hoodies then you just start to really believe in your business, It goes from being an idea, a little seed to something that you can visualize. It looks super professional.

Show the world that your business stands for quality

When your friends and your future prospects and customers see your logo they’re gonna think wow you know here’s someone that really cares about details. they took the time to have a really cool and professional-looking logo so there must be something there and I’m gonna choose this business over others that have not spent the time to make something really unique. You just don’t feel the love with a lot of the other brands.

So that’s it. Go take a look at those portfolios! Good luck.

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